Gatorade: “Made in New York”

A film only a Red Sox fan could hate. 

Metal Potential? Silver-Gold. 

(Full disclosure, this comes from my network, TBWA.)


Namecheap: “Don’t Flush Our Rights Away”

It’s not easy doing creative and effective political advertising. This one nails it. A memorable, clear, powerful and fun way to deliver a great message: ‘keep the internet free.’

Metal Potential? Silver-Gold. 


Citroen: “Dog Stretching”

A charming and simple spot for a time-worn brief: ‘our car is fuel-efficient!’

Nice job on the dog special efx. 

Metal Potential? Bronze.


Corona: Extend The Sunshine

The beach strategy, amplified.

Metal Potential? Bronze. (No pun intended.)


Nike” “Genealogy of Innovation.”

Here’s a craft bell-ringer. 

Metal Potential? Bronze. 


Old Spice: “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”

Oh, there will be a lot of #IceBucketChallenge ideas on the award show circuit this year. Good luck topping this one. (By the way, where is the ‘World’s Most Interesting Man’ in all of this?)

Metal Potential? Bronze.


Tim Horton’s: “1964”

Talk about a throwback. Nice one, Tim’s. 

Metal Potential? Bronze.