Pampers: “Mom’s First Birthday”

Dammit, Pampers! You just made me cry. Nice insight. Beautiful brand activation. Well-made film.

Metal Potential? Gold.


Heldergroen: “Dynamics”

Look for this to clean-up in self-promo categories. An office that forces a ‘work-life’ balance. The desks are removed at 6pm. Namaste.


Old Spice: ‘4th and Touchdown’

A robot with his own talk show interviews…Really? Do I have to go further than that phrase? 

Look for an outstanding case study for this truly loopy and fun idea.

Metal Potential? Gold.


Guggenheim Hungary

Terrific, flexible and dynamic branded identity system for the Hungarian outpost of the iconic museum. 

Metal Potential? Silver


Gatorade: “Made in New York”

A film only a Red Sox fan could hate. 

Metal Potential? Silver-Gold. 

(Full disclosure, this comes from my network, TBWA.)


Namecheap: “Don’t Flush Our Rights Away”

It’s not easy doing creative and effective political advertising. This one nails it. A memorable, clear, powerful and fun way to deliver a great message: ‘keep the internet free.’

Metal Potential? Silver-Gold.