The North Face: “Rock Climbing Store”

Adventures in “retailtainment.” Juries will dig this. Shorten up this film, though. Can tell this clear and fun story in 90 seconds. 

Metal Potential? Bronze. 


Snickers: “Mr Bean”

You’ll see where this is going from frame one, but who cares? It’s done really well and it’s really funny. Great use of Mr. Bean. Love the art direction of his mole. And the tagline — "Get Some Nuts" — is a cheeky double entendre.

Metal Potential? Silver


When we lose ourselves in the negative emotions stirred by our senses, when we lose that sense of ourselves as simply “observers” we surrender our ability to act with freedom and creativity. We become in a sense, slaves to Marv. — From the forthcoming book, Let Me Out.

Leica: “100”

A lovely recreation of some of the world’s most iconic photographs. A wonderful salvo from a camera-maker in an #instagram world. Copy is a weird combination of bombast, pretension, and apology. But, whatever, people don’t really listen to VO, anyway. 

Metal Potential? Silver. 


"I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing that I wanted to do."
- Georgia Okeefe

Pampers: “Mom’s First Birthday”

Dammit, Pampers! You just made me cry. Nice insight. Beautiful brand activation. Well-made film.

Metal Potential? Gold.


Heldergroen: “Dynamics”

Look for this to clean-up in self-promo categories. An office that forces a ‘work-life’ balance. The desks are removed at 6pm. Namaste.